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Hku Critical Thinking Common Core-8
Specifically, most of the lecture sessions would be conducted in collaborative workshop formats, whereby students need to work in teams to complete hands-on tasks corresponding to the topics covered in the course. The course invites students to investigate the problem of "humanity"—i.e., what it means to be human—at two levels: human as an individual and human as a social being.Students will be engaged in a direct dialogue with literary writers, philosophers and social reformers who address three fundamental questions: What makes a "good" life for me? How do I make possible such a "good" life and "good" society?

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Coupling biochemistry’s knowledge of mental illness with self-reflections, students are expected to develop a critical and comprehensive understanding of mental illness and mental health.

With the use of experiential exercises, case studies, and film viewing, students will be further encouraged to scrutinize mental health issues in their daily lives.

This course takes students on an interdisciplinary exploration of the local-global interactions from a variety of approaches.

With a selection of Hong Kong films, the course aims to help students attain a thorough understanding of the two-way relationship between the local, popular entertainment and the global film scene by investigating the major questions concerning globalization.

As there is a growing number of individuals challenged by mental illnesses both locally and internationally, students will have high chance of encountering an individual with mental illnesses in their social circles, workplaces or even family in the future.

The development of a comprehensive and critical view towards mental illnesses will definitely prepare them to face this future challenge.

The content of this course is identical to that of “In Dialogue with Humanity” (UGFH1000). Teaching and learning activities are mainly conducted online but there are also several on-site meetings.

Students taking this course come from different UGC-funded institutions. This course is an intellectual pursuit across various natural sciences including the two most fundamental ones, physical and biological sciences.

Emphasis will be placed on students’ capacity to respond critically to these texts in written as well as oral presentations.

Through these learning activities, students are expected to develop a lifelong capacity and enthusiasm to continue such dialogues with science texts in the future. Learn the basic models of leadership with reference to the service sector; 2.


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