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What would happen if the US followed the EU and implemented wide-reaching data-protection laws?Working on the ad tech side of the industry, I had the data to target even the most niche audiences: politically-active Mormon Democrats for a political client; young, low-income pregnant women for a state government; millennials with mental health concerns in a campaign for suicide prevention.

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Shortly after, I received an offer to work at the office.

For my first assignment, I attended a hearing in the federal courthouse.

Not long after, I crossed “doctor” off my list of post-graduate career options.

It would be best, I figured, if I did something for which the day-to-day responsibilities didn’t make me pass out.

The writer of this essay was admitted to every T14 law school from Columbia on down and matriculated at a top JD program with a large merit scholarship.

Her LSAT score was below the median and her GPA was above the median of each school that accepted her. About six weeks into my first legal internship, my office-mate gestured at the window—we were seventy stories high in the Chrysler Building—and said, with a sad smile, doesn’t this office just make you want to jump? The managing partners were suing each other, morale was low, and my boss, in an effort to maintain his client base, had instructed me neither to give any information to nor take any orders from other attorneys.

Key factors were left out of my decision: I had no interest in medicine, no aptitude for the natural sciences, and, as it quickly became apparent, no stomach for sick patients.

The second time around, I was honest with myself: I had no idea what I wanted to do.

” I didn’t know if I was truly interested, and I was worried that even if I was, I wouldn’t be able to see it through. In the course of my advertising career, I have worked with many lawyers to navigate the murky waters of digital media and user privacy.

Whereas most of my co-workers went to great lengths to avoid our legal team, I sought them out.


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