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When we hear that a client has earned an A or other high mark, it’s like we’ve just won the championship. Please keep reading to learn more about us, and the work that we can do for you.Hit The Grade was formed by a group of academic enthusiasts who decided to turn our passion for writing and research into a business. We began on a small scale writing for other students.There is more to our business model than writing school papers for money.

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Only when they have proven that they can tackle the most difficult assignments in a timely manner do we allow them to begin working with our clients. Many of these were written by Hit The Grade writers during their probationary period.

We use these to showcase our writers’ abilities, and because it would be unethical to share work that had been purchased and used by any of our clients.

Because of this, we have very stringent hiring requirements.

If our writers cannot meet these standards, we simply don’t hire them.

Some of our competitors promise essays in less than an hour. No company promising an essay within an hour is doing that. This is because our writers are degreed professionals who deserve to earn a fair wage.

Here are the things that we do that our competitors do not: Unfortunately, there’s a bit of a stereotype when it comes to students and others who use writing services. The students who use us as an essay writing service for their educational institution come from a variety of backgrounds and are facing just as many challenges.

In order to ensure that each customer has the best experience possible, we have created the following guarantees: Please read our policy pages for further information on our guarantees.

If you have any questions about them, please contact our customer service agents. If you have a few moments, please check out our website.

Maybe you’re picturing someone who is only attending college because a wealthy relative who paid their way, or the typical ‘dumb jock’ who might bully a weaker student into doing their work for them. We help single parents, students who are working full time, and yes student athletes.

We also help business professionals who are hard working and extremely busy, and job seekers who want our help to improve their lives.


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