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It's impossible, frustrating, and it sets you further behind the next day.

(Not to mention, the poor grades that show up on your report card.) What would you say, if I told you that I know of a way that you can not only complete your homework more quickly, but also really develop an understanding of the concepts? There is a wonderful program that acts just like a tutor. If you use the Free version below, you will receive the answer to any problem.

You'll love the amount of time you'll save trying to figure out how to solve all those homework problems!

Algebra is one of the most complex subjects every high school and college student has to face up to, and while algebra may be exactly your cup of tea and you may enjoy every minute of doing algebra homework, it can’t last forever.

Notice how Mathway gives me the option to write an equation in many different forms.

There are many many more options as I scroll down too! To get all of these benefits, you do have to upgrade to the premium version; however, it really is worth the price of .99 a month!For a small fee, Mathway will show all of the steps for solving the problem AND give an explanation for each of the steps. Step 2: Click the blue link that says "Tap to view steps".You must use the calculator properly in order to benefit from it's features and help you with understanding the concepts. (They also have a really cool camera feature where you can take a picture of the problems and it will automatically place the problems into the calculator! )Let's say you need to solve the equation, 5x - 8 3x = 24. When you click on the blue arrow, the program will give you a brief explanation and then give you the answer. If not, you will use the step-by-step feature to learn about what mistakes you are making. Mathway will begin by giving a brief explanation of the steps. Look over the list and see if we have the topic you're looking for. We have more than forty free, algebra lessons listed below by general subject area.You can test out of the first two years of college and save thousands off your degree.Anyone can earn credit-by-exam regardless of age or education level.To learn more, visit our Earning Credit Page Check your knowledge of this course with a 50-question practice test.Once you take the test, you will receive a detailed exam report complete with your personal statistics and even specific lessons to focus on!You are stumped and don't know where to start because you haven't solved problems with two "x" terms on the left side. If you've tried this problem on your own, you can check your answer. Sometimes this will be enough to identify your mistake, other times you need more.Notice here that there is a full explanation of the problem. If you tried this problem, compare your answer to their answer. When you realize there is a discrepancy, take a mental note of what you did wrong.


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