Healthy Food Vs Unhealthy Food Essay

Are we concerned and want to satisfy our taste buds and hunger pangs at the cost of entire body?

Junk food which is rich in calories, fat, sugar and salt is much yummier and easier to prepare than healthy food.

What we eat affects our growth, health, behaviour and mind.

Traditional Indian home cooked food is as diverse as its culture.

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) was asked to develop guidelines to restrict the exposure of children to junk food but till date no strict rules and regulations have been made.

Eating junk food like burger, wafers, salad full of preservatives leads to poor concentration.

But eating just the junk food means stressed metabolism and inability of body to produce normal insulin. Cholesterol and triglyceride level increases by eating junk food which put you in the risk of developing heart diseases and even heart attack. A study indicates that arteries start begin to clog at the age of 30 and lay the foundation of future heart attack.

So right from the childhood children must be encouraged to eat healthy food rather than junk food.

Whole food with minimum or zero processing is the best for health.

Healthy food increases the immunity and reduces the risk of health problem.


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