Happiest Moment Of Your Life Essay

When it ended, the audience applauded loudly and sincerely. Some people were smiling; some were wiping away a tear. Maybe that’s our saving grace: we don’t really remember the textures of moments that well.

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There is hardly any living being who has never gone through ups and downs in his life.

In fact, life is full of bad as well as good incidents.

In the nearly thirty years since then, I’ve learned a lot more about Marxism, and I have to say that I’m still pretty much convinced.

People who have never experienced this dream of creating a utopia on earth don’t understand the events shaping the world today.

In fact, a wise man is one who is neither overjoyed in prosperity nor takes adversity to heart. I was very much anxious because the question of my career was involved in it.

last year, I passed the Higher Secondary Examination. A day earlier, when the result was expected to be published in the local newspapers, I spent a restless night.

It was my tribute to him, written from deep within the pain of missing him.

That was the one moment, he confesses, that he knew what happiness was. It has nothing to do with drifting pleasantly through life. Jim Ralston Petersburg, West Virginia ignorant girl who’d gone to New York and met another ignorant girl my own age from Grenoble, France.

Mary Umberson Roxcon, Texas years old my baby sister was born, and the family took a trip to visit Aunt Elma and Uncle Arthur. a joy so overwhelming as to be almost paralyzing engulfing me. Perhaps only a child or a child-like heart can receive a divine visitation with such un-self-conscious acceptance.

I remember Queenie and Prince, the two beautiful, huge, red dogs who lived on the farm with my aunt and uncle, and I remember waking up in the morning to the smell of bacon and eggs cooking on a gas stove, and I remember my cousin Freddie cutting my cantaloupe into perfect little orange squares. the humid, silent air filled with songs of praise and thanksgiving . I still feel a thrill of happiness whenever I see a dragonfly, but I don’t look for another experience of transcendent ecstasy.


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