Hamlet And Macbeth Compare And Contrast Essay

Although sharing many similar themes (such as a murderous king and those who wish to overthrow him) Young Hamlet and Macbeth themselves are quite different from each other.

The first difference that leaps out when one looks back after reading both plays, is that the two main characters play different roles in their respective stories.

Hamlet procrastinates getting revenge in till it is to late.

Macbeth and Hamlet's tragic flaws lead to their errors in judgment, and cause their destruction in the end of the story.

The dimensions of the principal characters, the rate of movement in the action, the supernatural effects, the style, the versification, are changed; and they are all changed in the same manner.

In many parts of Macbeth there is a peculiar compression, significance, energy, even violence in the language; it posses a harmonious grace , often conspicuous in Hamlet as well.

By rashly killing Polonius, he showed his hand too soon, and made an enemy of Laertes, the man who ultimately killed him.

Although there are many differences in both plays, Shakespeare used the same elements of tragedy.

He does not want to kill Claudius but feels that he has to out of revenge for his father.

Regardless what his compilation is over killing Claudius, or his own self-destruction, his ability to make a decision always overrules him.


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