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Test graders aren't testing you to see whether you come up with the right answer; you'll be graded on how well you develop and defend your ideas.

Remember, writing more words doesn’t necessarily mean your essay is going to be more persuasive or better.

In fact, quite the opposite: many test-takers seem to think that writing more is a good substitute to an essay that is otherwise lacking in sound argument and logic, leading examiners to be wary of overly lengthy essays.

The GRE issue essay is something like those discussions, but with just a bit more sophistication, of course!

Let’s take a peek at some sample questions from the previous years’ GRE issue essay questions to better understand the kind of prompts you can expect.

Sometimes, there can be yet another part: a brief reason that explains the claim in more detail.

While there is no ironclad minimum word requirement to meet, most students average around 500-600 words in the 30 minutes allotted to them.

You are required to essentially develop a sound argument for the issue and support it with examples, while the Argument task expects you to evaluate the argument for the correctness of the logic assumed.

In other words, the Issue essay seeks to examine your ability to take a stance about a certain subject by developing an argument with reasons and examples to support your views about why you favor one side of the argument.

The GRE analytical writing measure is a component of the GRE designed to test your writing, reasoning and analytical skills.

Thirty minutes of this test is reserved for writing a response to a particular issue during which you address your thoughts on the issue, state whether you agree with any recommendations provided in the writing prompt or analyze a policy.


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