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Although the SAT essay is now optional, it’s still important for many students: Many top schools still require it to apply for admission, and many others require it if you want to be considered for a merit scholarship.If you’re looking to ace the SAT essay and sharpen your writing skills, the New SAT Essay Practice Book from IES Test Prep provides a comprehensive guide to the section.

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This volume includes only seven sets of the most complex, high-difficulty SAT practice questions.

All 700 practice questions include detailed answer explanations.

The Kaplan prep book also provides step-by-step strategies for approaching the most notoriously difficult question types on the SAT.

Finally, the book includes a review of each section of the test, with an eye towards the more complex questions rather than the basics.

Notably, the practice questions in the book are organized by difficulty — getting progressively difficult as you complete more of them — which will help you understand exactly how far along you are in your SAT prep progress.

If you have difficulty with SAT math problems or are a high scorer looking to boost your score on the math section, The College Panda’s SAT Math: Advanced Guide and Workbook for the New SAT is an ideal prep book.The book also includes 70 essential writing terms to familiarize yourself with so you’re armed with all the rhetorical tools you need each time you start writing a response to an SAT essay prompt. Have a hard time getting through them quickly or knowing where to find the relevant information in a passage?You’re not alone, and The Complete Guide to SAT Reading by The Critical Reader can help.The examples of each SAT math question type are particularly helpful, as even if you understand a concept in the abstract, you might not recognize the way it shows up on the SAT.The College Panda authors also delve into each of the most common traps and mistakes students make on the exam, to help you avoid them yourself as you prepare for the SAT math section.The book includes every College Board and Khan Academy practice SAT question as it pertains to grammar, categorizing them by question type and difficulty level.Plenty of drills will allow students to see exactly how each grammar skill shows up on the exam.We’ve put together a list of the best SAT prep books available, categorized according to your unique needs. The Tutorverse’s The New SAT: 1,500 Practice Questions offers just that.It’s bulging with, just like the title says, over 1,500 practice questions, all conveniently in print so you can haul the book to the library for a study session.Even if you consider yourself an English whiz, SAT grammar can be tricky.The exam tests grammar in specific, idiosyncratic ways that aren’t always intuitive, even if you’re a frequent reader and skilled writer.


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