Global Warming And Greenhouse Effect Essay

These days, global warming has been a matter of great concern for us.

It is going to pose a severe threat to our environment. When the balance of nature is disturbed, the world will be unsuitable to live in.

we can fight it through the application of small and large scale measures that help to slow down climate change.

These actions are known as climate change mitigation and adaptation measures.

When Carbon Dioxide is produced, it accelerates global warming process. Methane is also a greenhouse gas and it plays a more effective role in trapping the high temperature in the environment that carbon dioxide does more than 20 times.

Methane can be produced from the natural gasoline, coal exploration, petroleum, and industrial wastages. The most important effects of global warming will be on the climate change.The main impact was the increase in the global temperature of the planet, which has risen 1.1 The global temperature increase brings disastrous consequences, endangering the survival of the Earth’s flora and fauna, including human beings.The worst climate change impacts include the melting of the ice mass at the poles, which in turn causes rising sea level, producing flooding and threatening coastal environments through which small island states risk disappearing Climate change also increases the appearance of more violent weather phenomena, drought, fires, the death of animal and plant species, flooding from rivers and lakes, the creation of climate refugees and destruction of the food chain and economic resources, especially in developing countries.Many people do not know what it really amounts to, either due to unreliable sources or deliberate misinformation, which has led to a series of myths about climate change.In these pages, we tackle the subject from an objective, scientific viewpoint, discussing the causes and consequences of climate change and how it should be tackled.Experts agree that the Industrial Revolution was the turning point when emissions of greenhouse effect gases entering the atmosphere began to soar.The Industrial Revolution was itself borne out of smaller revolutions: agricultural, technological, demographic, transport, finance…The ice of the North Pole is melting; as a matter of consequences we will see some part of the world will go under water. Hurricanes, Tsunami, earthquake and many other disasters will be a regular natural blow.In the long term, we will face a water crisis in some parts of the world. The greenhouse gases will remain in the ambiance for many years.Methane: from livestock, rice farming and waste tips.Nitrogen oxide: caused by excess use of fertilizers and industrial activity.


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