Gcse Science Coursework Osmosis

This will cause the potato to lose weight as it loses its water. - 2 measuring cylinders (50ml) - 2 potato borers (one large one small).

If the potato is placed in a mixed solution then the concentrations inside and outside of the cell should be equal, the water molecules will move by osmosis but the concentrations will remain equal.

In osmosis, each individual cell is surrounded by a cell membrane.

The cell membrane allows small molecules to pass through it, but not large ones.

Formative feedback to be given for table, calculations and graphs.

MS 4a, 4b, 4c, 4d AT 1 – use appropriate apparatus to record mass and time.2018 AQA GCSE Combined Science Specification Topic - Cells Part of specification covered: Students should be able to plot, draw and interpret appropriate graphs.Required practical activity 3: investigate the effect of a range of concentrations of salt or sugar solutions on the mass of plant tissue.This is because there are more molecules that are exposed to diffuse in comparison to the molecules in a smaller surface area.– The rate of osmosis will faster as the solution is more concentrated.This is because there are only a few particles to collide with the potato chip and fewer particles will have to diffuse into the potato to equalise the concentration of the solution and the potato inside it.When the potato chip is inside a water concentration, which is lower than in the chip, water will enter through the semi-permeable membrane into the potato chip.I will be doing this investigation on potato chips in different concentrations of salt.From this investigation, I would like to know whether the concentration of the solution affects the rate of osmosis.Potato placed in mixed concentration will have no change in its weight.This prediction has been made using scientific knowledge of the special type of diffusion known as osmosis.


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