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Robert is an experienced published author who has been tutoring students who wish to maximise their results in the GAMSAT since 2006.Given that you have another two sections to prepare for, it is important that you ask yourself how much of your total GAMSAT study time you should put into preparing for Section II.Are you a confident writer who usually finds expressing your ideas under pressure to be quite easy?) address a variety of views on that particular topic.You are then instructed to compose a piece of writing in response to one or more of these quotes.Note that you might obviously have more objectives (e.g.more individual topics that you would like to revise per week for Section III) and you might like to set out your table to include, say, all of the days of the week.You must complete your two pieces of writing within 60 minutes (you also have 5 minutes of reading time).Theoretically, the pieces of writing can be anything (including argumentative essays or creative pieces such as a short stories, poems, or journal entries) so long as they are written in response to one or more of the given GAMSAT quotes and deal effectively with the themes raised in the quote.The precise answer to this question is of course impossible to know!However, if we are to put ourselves in the shoes of those composing the test, there are a few possible explanations for the inclusion of Section II in the GAMSAT.


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