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What are some of the ethical implications, particularly around user privacy?

What are some of the ethical implications, particularly around user privacy?

It is manifest in increasing demand for sleeping pills due to stressful modern lifestyles and increasing numbers of initiatives by various health organizations to increase awareness about sleep disorders.

Sleep medications often have undesirable side effects and patents of major sleep drugs expire.

VR-AR-MR (Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality), are immediate, involving, engaging and immersive types of entertainment that can accessed anywhere in the world.

This could cause travel to boom if people, having used these technologies, want to experience the world “for real.” People may be increasingly comfortable in both worlds: the physical real world, and the digital world that is constructed instantly and repeatedly to fit what each person wants and chooses, using immediately responsive networks.

Minecraft, for example, has been used by teachers for everything from computer science to social sciences to creative writing.

Fitbit and tracking apps on the i Watch are increasingly popular and encourage competition – with yourself or with a group.

Heightened safety concerns often mean changing security requirements and government screening processes for crossing borders.

Some experts believe that technology may begin to replace in-person travel.

Gamification applies the theories of game development that make games so alluring and creates sustained attention.

Players and teams win points and rewards by completing designated tasks.


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