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Seeing such historical processes in isolation may lead to a critical failure of perspective.

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From Wisconsin Turner journeyed to Johns Hopkins University, as did many eager young scholars of that day, only to meet stubborn opposition for the historical theories already taking shape in his mind.

His principal professor, Herbert Baxter Adams, viewed mankind’s development in evolutionary terms, but held that environment had no place in the equation; American institutions could be understood only as outgrowths of European “germs” that had originated among Teutonic tribes in the forests of medieval Germany. The “germ theory” explained the similarities between Europe and America, but what of the many differences?

Consider why Turner’s understanding of the Native Americans’ role in American history might be problematic.

• The teacher will use the list of adjectives, class discussion, and essay to assess the students’ analysis of the composition of the painting and their understanding of the symbolism of the American frontier.

Turner’s own background provides a clue to the answer.

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Born in Portage, Wisconsin, in 1861 of pioneer parents from upper New York state, he was reared in a land fringed by the interminable forest and still stamped with the mark of youth, There he mingled with pioneers who had trapped beaver or hunted Indians or cleared the virgin wilderness; from them he learned something of the free and easy democratic values prevailing among those who judged men by their own accomplishments rather than those of their ancestors.

• The class discussion, drawing, and essay may be used to assess the students’ understanding of Frederick Jackson Turner’s essay and the symbolism of the American frontier.

• The teacher will use the essay to assess the students’ ability to construct an analysis using historical evidence to support arguments.

just after all the original inhabitants were put on their reservations.

After the US expanded all the way to California and all along the West Coast, the frontier was officially closed and there was some debate over what to do next.


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