Forefathers Essay

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Tuberculosis, malaria and plague etc are no more deadly diseases now.

Life expectancy has increased and child mortality rate has significantly reduced.

Moreover modern society is deadly militarized that has aggravated the insecurities of people.

In short, we may say that, we are better off than our forefathers with respect to scientific advancements and facilities.

But Weintraub's book does more than add a fresh dimension to a tired subject.

By giving the war a genuinely international flavor, it points the way to a new understanding of American history.You can get any information by just a single click on computer.The automatic machinery and robots have reduced manual labour.They groaned about the burden of taxation, but it was the English who were shouldering the real burden, paying taxes on everything from property to beer, from soap to candles, tobacco, paper, leather and beeswax.The notorious tea tax, which had so inflamed the people of Massachusetts, was only one-fourth of what the English paid at home; even Benjamin Franklin labeled the Boston Tea Party an act of piracy.The revolutionaries complained about a lack of representation in Parliament, but in this they were no different from the majority of Englishmen.What was more, the God-given or nature-given rights they claimed for themselves included the right to hold Africans in bondage.The reason is that man in the past led simple life.They had no material desires that is why they were satisfied and calm. On the other hand, modern man loves material things more than fellow human beings.Agricultural procedures have not only become easier but also productivity has increased.In the field of medicine man has overcome a large number of academics that have ruined the society at times.


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