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When summarising, you pick out the most important information and write it in the shortest way possible, using your own words.Summaries are not sentences and paragraphs or just re-writing class notes or chapters from textbooks.

Some suggestions for effective study time include: The best study is active study – not just reading pages and pages of notes but creating summaries and lists, drawing mind maps, practising answering questions, teaching someone else about a topic and so on.

Active study helps move content from short-term to long-term memory. A study timetable can be useful to help high school students plan time each week revising work covered in class.

If your child can’t plan their own studying to fulfil the suggested hours, using a study timetable may work better.

Hopefully, the suggestions above will help your child settle into a good study routine.

The American College Health Association found, “the suicide rate among young adults, ages 15-24, has tripled since the 1950s and suicide is currently the second most common cause of death among students, these young people are often away from home”. We encourage different opinions, respectfully presented, as an exercise in free speech.

School makes it very hard to spend any time with family because we either have presentations or essays to write. The smallest moments when either you’re little sister or brother started talking or maybe your sister or brother shot the winning basket.Still you are stuck at home doing work, missing those priceless moments. If the user is making personal attacks, using profanity or harassing someone, please flag this content as inappropriate.While these students are at school and are away from their family for too long they start to show signs of depression. Students with depression often turn to suicide to make everything go away and not have to deal with the stress anymore. Moments in life should be cherished except for students who have too much homework they don’t get to cherish them, so many unfavorable impact mentally and physically cause students make them not enjoy life fully. Secondly, American teenagers have too much homework that cause unfavorable impacts mentally and physically. This is an example of a completed study timetable (DOCX 56.59KB) for a Year 11 student.An alternative to a study timetable is a study bank.This may be better for senior students who have changing work rosters.A study bank requires more independence and commitment to studying and therefore a fair bit of supervision to help students keep up with the hours at the start.


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