Fishery Business Plan

Remember that your investments aren't unlimited, so you have to know exactly what you are doing.Since the fish business gains more and more popularity in Nigeria, every businessperson tries to improve his product to make more money and sometimes the methods are harmful to the fish and people who eat it.

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The days when the only way to get fish is to catch it in local rivers and ponds are gone, today, modern methods of farming allow to grow fish on farms and monitor revenues.

Fish farming in Nigeria has great potential, and you can also engage in large-scale commercial production.

This has attracted the attention of entrepreneurs, and in order to establish a thriving fish farming business, a good fish farming business plan is necessary.

A vital section of this document is the fish farming business plan executive summary section, which summarizes the entire document.

You can install an aboveground tank, which will provide the convenience of supplying water to your ponds when necessary. For you to study this profession properly, you need at least two months to train on this.

Visit other farms, surf the Internet to learn about the market, read about fish farming.There's high demand for fish products, such as Tilapia, Catfish, and Mackerel (salmon) in Nigeria that continually stimulates sustainable growth and expansion of the industry. With correct planning and good management, you can easily get N4 million of pure income within half of a year.There is so much information on the Internet about how to start fish farming in Nigeria, and we've tried to make this article as detailed and informative as possible to help you to build a fish farming business starting from the very beginning. Business plan for fish farming in Nigeria You can't run a business without having a plan.The objective of commercial fish farming is to produce fish for sale and earn profits. – number of pond(s), size of pond(s), water for production (quantity, quality, flow rates), feeds, labour, seed, etc. From where and when should I source my seed and feed? Therefore, production should be planned from the onset to target identified markets. have the required product (size and form) available when the market wants it, 2. – its location, what category of people are likely to buy the fish I produce, etc 2. – type of fish, how much, what size, how frequently, fresh or processed, etc. What technology do I have at my disposal and which would be the best to adopt? How frequently do I need to harvest for the market? Seafood farming in Nigeria is a very popular kind of business.Rainwater and tap water from a chemically treated source is not recommended for growing fish.Provide regular water exchange to create a friendly environment. Knowledge You need to become attached to a fish farm for proper apprenticeship.You can start fish farming on a small scale for fulfilling your daily family demands or for earning some extra cash with your regular income. Keep reading as we guide you through how to make a proper business plan for fish farming in Nigeria.How to start fish farming One of the most widespread agribusinesses in Nigeria is fish farming and for considerable reasons.


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