Essays Why You Want To Be A Nurse

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These were the moments when I realized how much a medical personnel’s attitude to a patient matters, especially when you’re alone and feeling helpless.When you’re lying on a hospital bed, feeling depressed and broken, you begin to appreciate every smile, every kind word that has been said to you by a nurse or a doctor.

That was the reason why I choose to enter the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Nursing.

Nursing has always been something that I have felt I would truly enjoy.

In a while, I was offered a position as an Orientation Advisor for incoming students.

During orientation, I was able to decide to make Chemistry my major.

My first discovery was the nurse anesthesia program, which meant I could combine my passion for Chemistry with my joy for nursing.

Working as a Chemistry student I was able to realize the benefits that come from working in the lab – and it is something I find incredibly fascinating.

I had to explore many other options before I finally realized what I want to devote my life to.

As Virgil said, “Your profession is not what brings home your paycheck.

After having decided on graduating with a chemistry degree followed by a nursing degree I began to shape how my goal would be achieved.

I continued with Orientation as well as the Equestrian team.


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