Essays On The Fall Of The House Of Usher

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His speculations were not respected then or now by the scientific community, since they came from a creative writer who was not basing his ideas on experiment or scientific proof. It is a view of the universe that seems intuitively correct and convincing to him and throws light on his understanding of how the physical and spiritual realms interact in a dynamic manner.

In his “survey of the universe,” he speculates that creation is a cycle that stems from unity, spreads to multiplicity, and returns to unity.

In his critical writings, Poe explains how the mystery writer should proceed.

The mystery has to be preserved until the end of the tale.

Such thrilling fiction became popular in the Romantic period (1750-1850) with tales of mysterious hauntings, family curses, imprisonment, and lost treasures.

The setting was usually dreary and frightening, and terror and horror were the immediate emotions the author sought to evoke in the reader.

Poe’s prose essay, “Eureka: An Essay on the Spiritual and Material Universe” was written in 1848.

It was his attempt to bring together the scientific knowledge available in his time into one unified theory of how spirit and matter are related. Poe acknowledges this fact in his essay, saying that he cannot prove what he is saying but would convince the reader through imagination.

Watson-type of narrator, and the unexpected solution that is presented and then logically explained.

The detective uses rational deduction and close observation to outdo the police in solving difficult puzzles.


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