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The abhorrence that has framed self-injuring is partly tied up in ideas about pain as a wholly negative experience, with those willing to engage in it consciously believed to be mentally disturbed and requiring psychiatric attention.

This is the main reason that sadomasochistic practices come under the scrutiny of psychiatrists.

Self-injury stories, similar to self-harm quotes and movies about self-injury, bring understanding and hope to others caught in the web of self-destruction and pain.

Some of these self-harm stories may trigger vulnerable people to engage in self-injury.

So it's important to take care when reading them, or watching video stories about self-injury, if you're prone to these behaviors.

Writing self-harm stories not only offers the reassurance to others struggling with this issue that they're not alone, it can also serve as a creative catharsis for self-injurious individuals.A brilliant student and talented musician and dancer, Moore recounts how others taunted her for being smart and studying music and dance. For the uninitiated, she's happy to tell you why she cuts at the end of the story.She claims they made her hate her talents, gifts, and intelligence – she felt devastated. It started out innocently enough with a phone conversation with a friend. My Cutting Experience: A Recovery Story - Janie has been through hell and back.In some cases, self-injury is framed as resulting from a disturbed mind.Psychiatry is the dominant current way of understanding deliberate self-inflicted injuries in the west, but this was not always the framework, and, as these two books show, there is much to suggest that psychiatric power is being resisted in current corporeal practices.Some include disparaging commentary toward those who wish to help self mutilators find professional self-injury treatment and recover.That is just one of the reasons why pro self-harm websites are so dangerous.This was because it was seen to be the result of domestic distress, where sometimes women hurt themselves to guilt their partners into not leaving them.This gendered conception of self-harm is still seen today, with American psychiatric research showing that adolescent females are the most typical group to cut themselves.Teen Shares Self-Injury Secret – This self-harm story includes a video and a journalist's report about his interview with Alicia Moore, a 17-year-old self-injurer. Self-Injury Cutter - Ren started cutting when she was 9 years old.Moore says that self-injury had become a "dangerous addiction" for her. As her cutting story progresses, she talks about being outed in her college dorm room.


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