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In the 19th century, Germany experienced great success in its use; it was used in both its armed forces and civil administration (Clegg, Kornberger, & Tyrone, 2008).Weber discovered that the modernity of Germany was made possible mainly because of the discipline of bureaucracy .It is the office respected and not the officer because it is a part of a rational and recognized disposition of relationships in a structure of offices.

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Rational-legal precepts, is exactly what Weber identified as the heart of bureaucratic organizations.

9) everybody would be treated equally by the books.

A set of general rules governing the performance of offices, strict discipline and control in the conduct of the office is expected.

Bureaucracy has been studied for a long time now and many organizations have adopted this model in the day to day running of their organization.

The aim of this essay is to explore the “Ideal type” bureaucracy developed by Max Weber, its characteristics, the role of power and authority on it and its strengths and weaknesses.


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