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Disco was a trend that emerged out of the 1970’s creating a loose sound, loose enough for the people to dance.

Dancing seemed to be the sanctuary for the people at the time who were probably tired of all the fighting with the after affects of War World II in the past decades and a present battle at the time was Vietnam War.

Finally, music became main element of movies in some films nowadays.

The theatrical production “Musical” came in movies; thus, people just can go to theater and watch musical movies.

Les Misérables, is scheduled performance of song in EMI catalog, accounted for 25% of EMI Music Publishing revenue.

Among the major music compositions and catalogues is "getting better" (The Beatles), James Bond Theme, We Will Rock You (Queen), Mamma Mia (ABBA) and Our House (Madness).These movies include music as a main element rather than only a means.Audiences are more likely to remember music in films of this new genre than the story of movies. It is composed of songs of ABBA certain periods when the musical theatre has been a lot more popular.I noticed a drastic change in the way that many of my friends and family were living.Several of my friends that worked in real estate had sold their boats and seconds houses.I believe that there were no subplots because it was a basic story with more of a musical theme than one about a story.Q2) THEMES AND IDEAS I think that the main themes consisted of the different types of love between Sophie’s family and friends, relationships as well as a bit of an identity crisis because Sophie doesn’t know who her father is therefore she is missing a part of herself that makes her who she is.Mamma Mia Q1) PLOT The story was based on a young lady named Sophie who would be getting married in a few weeks.She lives with her mother on a small island where they run a small hostel.Q3) CHARACTERS Sophie Sheridan Q4) PRODUCTION VALUES I believe that the costumes were very effective because they portrayed the mood and they were the best when they were singing at the end because they were so bright and make you feel excited although I don’t quite approve of men wearing six-inch heels.The lights and the quality of sound were fabulous and I believe that it made the play enjoyable since the play was based on all of ABBA’s music.


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