Essays On Genetically Modified Crops And Food Security

Essays On Genetically Modified Crops And Food Security-20
I end by discussing both how we can meet such challenges and what stands in the way.

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Current yield growth trends are simply insufficient to keep up with growing demand [5].

As well, the rapid expansion of agriculture over the past century to feed today’s population has had a devastating impact on biodiversity [6].

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By contrast, food prices have a profound impact on the world’s poorest people.

Many of them spend half or more of their income on food.

While hunter-gatherers were quite sophisticated in their resource management, it was systematic planting and harvesting of crops that marks the origin of what we now call “agriculture” [10].

Agriculture allowed people to produce more food than they consumed; cities and civilization followed.

Indeed, we have an extraordinary global food system that brings food from all over the planet to consumers who can afford to buy it.

The food price spike of 2008 and the resurgence of high food prices in recent years have had little impact on the affluent citizens of the developed world who spend a small fraction of their income on food.


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