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The Creature is doomed to be excluded from society, and devotes himself to the destruction of it, especially Victor’s family, because he will never have any of these things.The Creature first compares himself to Adam, after reading Like Adam he was ‘apparently linked by no other human being in existence’ but Adam was cared for by his creator.He was not created out of love between a man and a woman, and conceived in the womb, but in a ‘workshop of filthy creation’, the result of Victor Frankenstein’s obsessive ambition to create life himself.

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Shelley’s original readers would be aware of this especially when considering the Luddites, who were also similar to the Creature in their oppression and alienation. The Creature was born benevolent but as Jean Jacques Rousseau acknowledged ‘man is born good but corrupted by society’.

The horrific treatment endured by the Creature caused him to be alienated and this, as stated, caused him to turn evil and rebel against the society from which he is alienated.

When the creature takes refuge in a hovel, next to the De Lacey’s cottage, he begins to learn about people.

He also learns to speak, and hopes to win them over by the ‘beauty of his soul’.

Alienation has caused him to be an outsider; he realises how different he is to everybody else; ‘when I looked around, I saw and heard of none like me’.

As he says ‘all men hate the wretched’ and this hatred causes alienation.

His alienation does not stop him dreaming of being accepted by humans.

He sees Safie, also an alien, being accepted, but she is beautiful, not a hideous monster.

Now the Creature had more understanding of why he had no friends, and why he would have no family.

This episode is a clear parody of Eve who, in saw the pool reflect beauty.


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