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Courage is a fundamental emotion that every human being must possess.

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The creative courage enables one to come up with ways of changing the society.

A person who has creative courage can choose to go against the majority and do something different that is right.

They have put their lives at risk and some may even die due to the effects of the radioactive fumes but they had the physical courage to stay and stop the leak after the area and been evacuated.

Other instances of courage are exhibited by ordinary people everyday such as when a father or mother takes a risk for the sake of protecting their children.

Moral courage helps a person to say no to violence.

Violence comes in various forms such as psychological, spiritual and physical.A person must also be willing to be tolerant of other people because people come from different backgrounds and have different beliefs and mannerisms.Moreover, an individual must have the social courage to accommodate others and make their lives easier because everyone has the need of the sense of belonging.Rollo May says that one must have courage in order to live a meaningful life in the society.Courage, he insists, is not just one emotion among others, but the foundation on which all other virtues and values rest.Courage calls upon a person to keep moving on even in the face of hopelessness or obstacles.In the society, there are many changes occurring and one can choose to both panic and fear to confront the change or choose to draw upon inner self and move forward.They risk injuries or even death and to do so they must have physical courage otherwise they would fear putting themselves at risk for others.Another instance that demonstrates physical courage in the recent time is the efforts of the workers in Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant who have been working to stop the emission of radioactive fumes.Social courage also helps parents who have children with disabilities take care of them without shame of being ridiculed in the society.They accept their children’s condition and do not hide them from the public.


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