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In the West, time tends to be seen as quantitative, measured in units that reflect the march of progress.It is logical, sequential, and present-focused, moving with incremental certainty toward a future the ego cannot touch and a past that is not a part of now.

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We were splitting childcare as my wife went to school half-time and worked half-time, while I was chasing tenure full-time as a history professor.

It would be years before we could afford childcare, so we made it work by using my flexible schedule while slowing down her pathway to graduation, relying on a patchwork of baby sitters and shuttling back and forth in our old Subaru.

Miscommunication may lead to conflict, or aggravate conflict that already exists.

We make -- whether it is clear to us or not -- quite different meaning of the world, our places in it, and our relationships with others.

He signs "cry" and "home" to the chorus of the Dixie Chicks' "Travelin' Soldier." He acts out scenes and moods from the film as he listens to the soundtrack, performing the complex mental link of instrumental music to remembered action on the screen.

He dances, demanding that we watch him, his joy magnified by the audience. Throughout all his engagement with music and movement, language percolates outward in all his modes of communication, bringing us into his world, opening new pathways for us to connect.

People may attend to many things happening at once in this approach to time, called polychronous.

This may mean many conversations in a moment (such as a meeting in which people speak simultaneously, "talking over" each other as they discuss their subjects), or many times and peoples during one process (such as a ceremony in which those family members who have died are felt to be present as well as those yet to be born into the family).

Time stretches far beyond the human ego or lifetime.

There is a certain timeless quality to time, an aesthetic almost too intricate and vast for the human mind to comprehend.


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