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In addition, our relationship taught me to enter all new situations with an open mind, with no preset notions or assumptions simply based on perceived background or outward appearance.This was something very different from what I had experienced in my home community, where most people had similar backgrounds and values, and were not always open to new ones.

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Coming from a conservative household myself, I understood how that type of news might be received.

I sensed his pain when he told me that his family rejected him and was “sickened” by his gay lifestyle.

Was it an indication that Stanford doesn’t take essays as seriously as other schools in its admissions process?

Or were people being too harsh in judging the quality of the essay?

Until that point, it never occurred to me that he could have had a different background, which included being gay.

I assumed that because of a few common factors, we were similar and I knew him well. As a result, I had inadvertently failed to recognize that [deleted] comprised a set of unique values and experiences that I could learn from. That meeting, and my subsequent interactions with [deleted], left an indelible mark in my mind.The very first question applicants to Stanford’s MBA program must answer is this one: “What matters most to you, and why?” A few years ago, one applicant wrote the now famous so-called ‘tortilla essay’ and it was published on the Internet.I admired his strength and commitment to himself when he introduced me to his partner. First, it strengthened my resolve to be tolerant and to love my family and friends unconditionally.After learning how [deleted]’s family reacted, I vowed to never let anyone close to me feel that type of rejection or pain.“Actually,” says admissions consultant Sandy Kreisberg of, “the woman executed perfectly on helping victims and discovering her identity as a Latina.This was during the era of the 10-page essay, and this person wrote like 800 words. Everyone else was beating their heads and poof, this short, identity politics chick just breezes in.” Derrick Bolton, Stanford’s admissions director, finally clears the air.This openness has helped me build a number of meaningful relationships that have not only brought me great joy but also changed my outlook on life and my future.As such, what matters most to me is challenging the way I think and constantly learning and growing by building relationships with people who inspire me, challenge me, or are otherwise different from me.“She felt that it was the Stanford essay that got her in and that was not at all the case. That year you could see people following that template. Without over-dramatizing it, I believe a simple corn tortilla was the catalyst for a significant life change that would lead me to discover what matters most to me: challenging myself to open up, learn, and grow by building diverse relationships.Most of the students from the high school I attended in [deleted] were from middle- and low-income Latino and Asian households.


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