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An essay assignment cannot pull them out of thin air.A student has to know what he wants to say, and then figure out how to say it.An essay by an enthusiastic, thoughtful Sabbath fan or Beyoncé fan will likely have a strong voice, or at least a strong foundation.

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It entails stories that excite you, ideas that interest you, ideological positions that you believe in, recommendations you want to make, and emotions you want to express. Start with matters of taste and everyday choices: Adam Levine or Ozzy Osbourne; Lebron or Steph; Chick-Fil-A or Pizza Hut; Kant or Rawls; Woolf or Bronte (or Bronte); M&Ms or Skittles; Hillary Clinton or… Think about how it feels to behold those choices, celebrate them, and identify with them.

For instance, you might proclaim, “Black Sabbath rules! ” Both are reasonable affinities that carry vast implications.

The rebellion, though, doesn’t have to be bloody and loud.

Not every essay has to shout with your “voice,” just as not every essay has to drip with passion.

The stronger the initial idea is or more vivid the initial story is, and the more enthusiastic he is about sharing it, the stronger the “voice” will be.

Many students do not approach their essays with the sort of ideas and opinions that constitute strong voices. Many teachers do not encourage personal expression but favor thoughts that are merely correct or reasonable.

That’s a shame, since we don’t really have anything else.

We feel our emotions and we live our personal stories.

1) Do you unleash every curse word you know and peel out in a cloud of dust? 2) Do you politely acknowledge your transgression and thank him for protecting the public and upholding the rule of law? Ostensibly, the idea of “voice” implies that writing should be natural and distinctive, the way everyone’s actual voice is. Teachers and editors rightfully celebrate students’ voices. Yes, good writing often sounds like natural speech. Voice constitutes the sounds that come out of your mouth, usually spontaneously.

Almost every guide to college essays includes impassioned exhortations to “use your voice.” In college information sessions, admission reps insist that they want to “hear your voice.” “Voice” almost always appears on top-10 lists of essay tips.


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