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Students should use their understanding of the writing prompt and writing rubric throughout the writing process, from the prewriting phase to revising, editing, and publishing.We encourage our students to: *Read and understand the writing prompt. For example, students must understand what form of writing is required by the prompt.In addition to specifying the exact criteria to be judged in each component, writing rubrics also define performance levels, from below basic proficiency to advanced proficiency.

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Using this application, teachers score real, anonymized student essays that were previously scored and normed by expert educators.

When a teacher’s scoring is proven to be consistent with that of the experts, s/he is considered calibrated not with just the experts, but also with any of the other teachers who have gone through this calibration process.

The calibration process asks teachers to score a series of normed essays that have been scored in advance by expert educators using the same rubric.

When teachers successfully align their scoring with these normed essays, they are also aligned with each other.

separates the criteria into discrete elements, such as controlling ideas, organization, development, diction and conventions.

One of the benefits of the analytic rubric is that, in its most general form, it can be used with a variety of writing tasks—helping students learn the qualities of effective writing, regardless of subject area..Indeed, many believe writing actually starts with revising, and at Time4Writing, we agree.Helping kids become their own editors is one of our main goals.Students grow as writers if they learn to identify the characteristics of good writing.Enter the writing rubric, which is a type of grading tool used to evaluate student writing.Sue received her National Board certification in 2005.It was during the National Board portfolio process that Sue realized the powerful role writing plays in strengthening students’ critical thinking, a belief that is at the heart of Academic Merit's academic and professional learning products.Two readers review SAT essays, and if the scores differ by more than one point, a third reader is used.(Fewer than 5% require a third reader.) Types of Writing Rubrics Countless rubrics exist, as well as online rubric generators and software that help teachers customize rubrics for any assignment.Writing Rubrics Help Students Learn and Educators Teach Writing rubrics are great teaching tools because they put teachers and students on the same page.Used in classrooms nationwide, writing rubrics give teachers and students a common reference point to discuss the components of good writing—from content development and organization to sentence structure and grammar.


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