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Sita is displayed to be beautiful in the book to a point that he is abducted by Ravana.

Sita is displayed to be beautiful in the book to a point that he is abducted by Ravana.

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In this paper I will look at the aspects in which they compare and contrast.

There is the theme of egocentricism that is exemplified in both of the two written (ancient) and visual (modern) texts whereby Kaikey who happens to be the queen and the favorite of the king due to her hand in the rescuing of the king from the jaws of death.

(John 2003) Both of the two written or ancient and visual or modern texts have different views concerning the Rama, Sita and other characters.

Rama is seen as a very courageous and principled person in that after he is exiled he respectfully heeds to his fathers will and goes away with his wife.

Men on the other hand are seen to be the head of the family and there word is final this is displayed by Rama who immediately after he is exiled he makes the decision to flee into the woods which is a decision his wife, Sita has no say in and follows him without question.

Men are also displayed to be courageous as Rama goes ahead to rescue his wife from Ravana the king of demons.

Kaikeyi is seen to be malicious as she convinces her husband to exile Rama the elder son for her son to get a chance for inheritance.

Ravana is seen to be promiscuous as he has his eye on Sita who is not his wife. She is seen to be spiteful as she tells her brother of the beautiful Sita knowing his nature.

This therefore gives her an upper hand in convincing her husband to do as she wills.

She uses this advantage to convince her husband to exile his first born son Rama from the courts and ultimately into the woods.


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