Essay On The Artificial Heart

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Transplantation of the heart is a tricky and dangerous endeavor.

It involves taking out the failing heart and replacing it with a completely new donor heart.

About 35,000 heart transplants from donors are performed around the world.

However, donated hearts are not accessible to everyone.

We’ve come such a long way already...” And we have, indeed, come a long way in the evolution of the heart pump technology, one of the most important advances in the past century.

(5) However, with the help of biomedical engineers, we are making progress in tackling the challenge of the rapid rise in death due to cardiovascular disease.

The artificial heart has a shape similar to a normal heart and is attached to the necessary arteries and veins to allow the circulation of blood throughout the body.

(4) Choosing the proper materials is a crucial part in building an artificial heart.

The contraction of the heart propels the oxygenated blood in the right ventricle from the heart via the aorta to the rest of the body.

After distributing the oxygen to the body, the blood returns, deoxygenated, to the left atrium of the heart, and the process repeats.


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