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Moreover, the Rules oblige prison health-care services to evaluate and care for the physical and mental health of prisoners, including those with special needs.

Cities and communities are the living laboratories where the challenges and opportunities that are central to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change become tangible.

ERO’s national evaluation reports have included findings about poor quality provision, particularly in relation to assessment practice, self review, provision for infants and toddlers, and responsiveness to Māori children and their whānau.

ERO’s report The Quality of Assessment in Early Childhood Education, highlighted poor quality assessment practice and the factors that contributed to this.

While the United Nations needs to put the right plans and policies in place they will also need to cultivate partnerships with Governments, civil society and the private sector to harness the resources, innovative ideas and skills that we so desperately need to turn the vision of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development into a reality.

Population policies today are about people, not numbers, and about the rights of individuals and couples to freely decide whether, when or how often to have children. Data is everywhere, constantly being created by humans and machines across the globe.From the Chicago Climate Action Plan's broad leadership to the City's targeted energy efficiency investments, Chicago is integrating sustainability in the places residents work, live, learn, and play while preparing for a resilient future.Creating a green, sustainable city requires hard work, cooperation and a commitment from local government as well as every individual, business and institution in the city.Poor quality practice is often entrenched and a lack of willingness or motivation to change prevails.Ineffective leadership can result from lack of experience.Factors such as leadership, vision and professional learning and development that contribute to high quality in some services are lacking or ineffective in poor quality services.Rigidly implemented routines, poorly resourced or unsafe learning environments and inappropriate teaching practice are also factors in poor quality education and care.Access to quality education is not only beneficial for young people but also for the world.Educating boys and girls increases productivity and facilitates economic growth; knowledge about sanitation, immunization, nutrition and general health can save lives; quality education provides girls and boys with the skills they need to take on leadership roles at local and national levels, enabling them to take part in decision-making on matters that affect their lives and their communities.In particular ERO found poor practice where: A lack of leadership has a negative impact on the management and operations of the centre.Staff do not have the guidance they need to operate as an effective care and education team.


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