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Statistics suggest that with the end of the last century, earth lost 3 out of 8 tiger species.

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NDTV and Aircel joined hands to launch the NDTV-Aircel Save Our Tigers campaign in March 2010 with the aim of spreading awareness about the state of the big cats in the country and the crisis they were in.

At the time the latest tiger estimation had put the number at 1411.

Normally, you might groan and grumble on seeing the figure of 1411 on a shopping bill; sounds too much.

However, when it comes to the number of surviving tigers, don't you think it's too small a number representing a species.

While celebrating the numbers rise, we are also looking at how this rise in numbers actually puts forward bigger challenges.

As tiger numbers increase, more space is required for them, more protected areas where they can move in safety, more awareness amongst people so that people are not only included as an integral part of saving tigers but benefit from living with these big cats as opposed to only being in conflict with them.

It's high time that people start taking steps to save this animal from extinction.

These days, there are hoardings everywhere saying 'Just 1411 Left' (in the Indian subcontinent).

However, in reality, it should have been the other way round.

Because the bad news is here, the tiger (in the Indian subcontinent) is on the verge of extinction.


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