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Early long poems, (1925), are filled with strong folk flavor and mythological influences reminiscent of the early W. In contrast to the neo-Revival mould of his early poetry, with its emphasis on pre-Christian Ireland, Clarke’s mature work combines technical sophistication with biting social critiques of the Catholic Church and the Irish Free State, along with spiritual and psychic self-exploration.Unfortunately, he continues to suffer from a curious lack of critical attention in that contemporary literary critics have not devoted much attention to his corpus.His first collection was being prepared when the Great War began.

His work succeeds in moving beyond Irish verse’s traditional preoccupation with history, national politics and identity, to encompass common everyday experiences which are remarkable for their freshness of language and individuality of insight.

Kavanagh never achieved the recognition he deserved during his lifetime, and he alienated himself from nearly every figure on the Irish literary scene through the acerbic diary pieces he wrote for the literary journal However, his reputation as one of the most important contemporary Irish poets has only increased since his death.

As soon as he was deemed fit for service again, he returned to the front and was killed in action in Flanders on the 31(1917).

Many of Ledwidge’s poems were rewritten from memory in 1916 after being lost in Greece and Serbia during the war, and there are still countless poems that have not been collected for publication.

Liam O’ Meara, Chairman of The Inchicore Ledwidge Society, has devoted much of his career to searching for and publishing the poet’s lost poems.

Austin Clarke (1896-1974) Austin Clarke was born in Dublin into a lower middle-class Catholic family, and like James Joyce, he was educated by the Jesuits at Belvedere College and subsequently attended University College Dublin.For further information on the work of any of the poets listed below please do not hesitate to contact me.Francis Ledwidge (1887-1917) Francis Ledwidge was born in Slane, County Meath, and grew up in a laborer’s cottage in the small village of Janeville.Later poetry collections are edited by his biographer, Dr. In essence, Kavanagh’s work can be divided into two main sections: poems with a rural, Monaghan, background and poems with an urban, Dublin background.Kavanagh broke through immense personal and cultural constraints to redefine Irish poetry.At college he encountered many of the intellectuals behind the Irish Literary Revival, as well as many of the people involved in the 1916 Easter Rebellion.After lecturing at UCD he worked for several years as a literary journalist in London before returning to Ireland in 1937. Clarke, however, was not a protégé of Yeats and was in fact famously excluded by the latter from his in 1936.Their work can be accessed in the various literary magazines in existence in Ireland.A link to these publications can be found on the “Literary Journals” page.Patrick’s Hospital in Dublin due to a nervous breakdown he suffered in 1919, during the Anglo-Irish War, is considered by many critics to be Clarke’s late masterpiece.This long poem, published in the same year as the fiftieth anniversary of the Easter Rising, brings the older poet together with his younger self, with the effect of contextualizing his personal collapse in 1919 within the national struggle for independence.


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