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Strictly speaking, these are not privacy-protection measures, but they do, in effect, curb the market in private information.

The European Council is currently considering a new draft proposal that some see as strengthening the safeguarding of personal data.

He admitted that confidence in the intelligence services had been shaken, and pledged to address the concerns of privacy advocates.

What other weapons do we have in our armoury to arrest, or at least contain the relentless violation of our privacy?

Although the law is seldom an adequate tool against a dedicated intruder, the advances in protective software along with the fair information practices adopted by the European Directive, and the laws of several jurisdictions, offer a rational and sound normative framework for the protection of our sensitive information.

But it—and the law, ethics, and practice—stand in need of constant review and modification if privacy is to survive as a right to which we can continue to lay claim.

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