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The purpose of this contest is to draw attention to topics that hold important implications for the health of children and families.As our future leaders and problem solvers, we encourage students to showcase their considerable talents and valuable thoughts on food and nutrition matters this month by creating a project that highlights one of the topics below.

Some topics that you may choose to use for your paper helping listed below.

March is National Nutrition Month and a great time to celebrate children’s health.

Learning to make sensible choices from a confusing array of options is not easy, but the rewards are great.

Eating nutritious and healthful food while maintaining your proper body weight will contribute to a better performance in the classroom, in the gym, and on the dance floor. In contrast, a poor diet can lead to insidious health problems that can interfere with success in academic and social performance and may eventually mean confronting a serious long-term illness, such as heart disease or diabetes.

It is a challenge that should not be taken lightly.

The nutritional habits you develop now will be difficult to change in the coming years when your body stops growing and your lifestyle may become more sedentary.

Knowing how much and what to eat is important knowledge.

An argumentative essay will require you to take a particular stance about the topic you are writing about.

As a community it is our duty to educate children on the grand importance of a proper diet and positive lifestyle habits It is also our duty to help ensure all children within our community have access to the resources needed to live a healthy life.

It is our hope that you share these resources and encourage participation within your setting and community.


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