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Students may be admitted to one of four degree programs: Students must select one of the Advanced Practice Nursing Specialties they wish to pursue at the time of admission.The content of each specialty includes advanced courses in health assessment, pharmacology, and pathophysiology, research, health policy, professional issues, and ethics.Each student must complete courses in their selected specialty and a series of clinical rotations demonstrating competency.

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The clinician guides the student in practice through teaching, mentoring, role modeling, and evaluation.

The preceptor is a resource to the student and allows opportunities for the clinical application of knowledge and skills in advance-practice nursing.

Sharing the students’ compassion and interest in each case reminds me that medicine is an amazing field and that I’m privileged to play a role. It keeps me on my A-game, as students are always interested in knowing why I made particular decisions in patient care....

I’m always more than happy to discuss precepting with other providers, whether you are trying to decide if you want to precept a student or you have been precepting for years!

We offer you an overview of our NP programs, and available resources you may use to guide you in providing clinical education.

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Program Overview MGH Institute of Health Professions offers graduate-level programs to prepare students for advanced practice nursing in the nurse practitioner role.

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We welcome your expertise and contribution to our student’s clinical education.

Preceptors provide the bridge from the theoretical concepts to real-world practice and prepare our student to offer high-quality, comprehensive, compassionate healthcare to all individuals, families, and the community.


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