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Despite its complicated sounding name, metacognition is fast becoming one of the most common topics being discussed by teachers.Metacognitive Aspect of mathematics Problem Solving Hwa Tee Yong and Lau Ngee Kiong MARA University of Technology Malaysia Abstract If students are to excel on both the routine mathematics skills and the problem-solving skills, teachers must place emphasis on both the mathematical contents and the mathematical processes in the teaching and learning of mathematics.This paper presents the theoretical rationale and the importance of metacognition to the learning of mathematics.Von Glaserfeld (1995) says: [Educators] have noticed that many students were quite able to learn the necessary formulas and apply them to the limited range of textbook and test situations, but when faced with novel problems, they fell short and showed that they were far from having understood the relevant concepts and conceptual relations. 20) Educators attribute the lack of mastery of metacognitive skills of our…...When kids hit difficult problems — the seemingly insurmountable English essay, a math test that takes on epic proportions, social struggles that leave them feeling frustrated — it can be tempting to give up and resort to four words no parent ever wants to hear: “I can’t do it.”In order to thrive, kids need to be able to make the transition from the negative “I can’t” to the proactive “How can I? Metacognition is a big word for something most of us do every day without even noticing.We will help you to create perfect research paper on any topic.Prof – Leading custom essay and dissertation writing company and we are 24/7 open to serve you writing needs!’ ”Kids who are taught to think of themselves as being “good” or “bad” at a particular task can have a fixed mindset that makes them passive in approaching a challenge: either they can do it or they can’t, but they aren’t likely to think they can change that outcome.Teaching kids to become more metacognitive helps them move from a mindset that leaves little room for change to a mindset which promotes self-awareness and resilience.Training kids to use it proactively to overcome obstacles, it turns out, can be a powerful tool.More and more studies are suggesting that kids who are taught to use metacognitive strategies early on are more resilient and more successful, both in and out of school.“I view metacognition as a goal,” says Marc Gladstone, a learning specialist.


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