Essay On Marshall Ryegrass

Perennial Ryegrass pastures are highly palatable and nutritious.

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Further improvements in freezing tolerance, drought and heat tolerance and, for some localities, resistance to pests and snow moulds are required to extend the geographic range of the species.

Modern cultivars show little improvement in leaf or stem digestibility but a high magnesium variety is now available.

A great companion grass for oats, winter rye, clovers, any grassing seed, farm crop, vegetable fields, berry producers, orchard - any place adapted for annual ryegrass can benefit in some manner in planting ryegrass.

This is also a ready source of silage, green manure, and hay.

Harrow or aerate for best results to make good seed / soil contact.

PASSEREL PLUS ANNUAL RYEGRASS Passerel is a high yielding pasture grass with a digestible nutrient level of level of 75% and was number one in 95-96 University of Fla.

Planted on its own or in almost any mixture imaginable, this grass is used for pastures and wildlife forage all over the world.

Fast germinating, quick growing, highly palatable to all types of livestock and deer plus providing winter pastures makes this grass almost a necessity on many farms and ranches.

Ryegrass is a multi-purpose grass used to seed with clovers or other legumes, bromes, wheat grasses, orchard grass, timothy, hybrid ryegrass, tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass.

Each grass seed mix is selected for specific reasons and according to the areas of adaptation.


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