Essay On Internet Addiction

This particular thing can be a drug, mobile, internet, food item, gambling or just about anything.

Addiction to anything can have an adverse effect on our life.

These habits can turn into addiction if we don’t guard ourselves on time.

Our company and social environment have a huge impact on our habits and overall personality.

Many people return to their addiction after weeks, months or years of recovery just because it works as an escape for them.

It is thus suggested to avoid these in the first place.Addiction is difficult to get rid of and some of these may even be contagious.So your addiction is not only spoiling you but can have a negative impact on those around you.Ways to Avoid Addiction Avoiding addiction of any kind is easier than getting rid of the habit later.Here is how you can do so: Conclusion Addiction to anything has a negative impact on our mind as well as body.But many a times they feel the urge to try these just out of curiosity or to heal their pain temporarily thinking that they would just have it once or twice but soon get addicted to them.Likewise, people are aware that once they begin playing a video game in between their office hours they will get addicted and wouldn’t be able to stop but they still play and end up ruining their time.As Patrick Carnes said, “Addiction is a relationship, a pathological relationship in which obsession replaces people”.Obsessing over anything is termed as addiction to that particular thing.Overcoming any kind of addiction is quite difficult – be it drug addiction, mobile addiction, gambling addiction, social media addiction or shopping addiction.Even though there are treatments available for the same, it can take months or years to get rid of them.


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