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The man has discovered and invented the hidden treasures of this vast wonderland as his necessities motivated and inspired him.It is a truth universally acknowledged that the computer has proved itself the most amazing invention of all times.Gone are the days when a man was a slave of time and space.

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The computer users, in their ways, offer information to the entire Internet world.

The Internet is, thus, working excellently in the cyberspace or space where electronic messages, information, pictures, etc. The World Wide Web (www) is the most important part of the Internet.

The basic concept behind the invention of the computer is none other than that of conquering time and space.

To achieve his purpose Internet has played the most significant role.

The Whole World and every possible option are available on the Internet. The man has got rid of many unwanted and unnecessary things and procedures that made man’s work impossible.

The billion dollars business of the world is being done through the Internet. The man has removed the possibility of things to be impossible on the other hand, it has opened new horizons of Imagination and creation.

Further, e-mail or electronic mail is a system that enables (lets) people send and receive messages and data (information) through networks and the Internet.

A user provides his e-mail address to millions of other users on the Internet who can exchange electronic mail: messages with him.

It offers everything to everyone every time and everywhere around the globe.

A person can communicate, interact, talk and debate with anyone anywhere in the world.


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