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A C-47 cargo plane (right) flies over locals standing amid ruins on its approach to Tempelhof Airport, where it was taking food and other relief supplies.A waitress (left) puts up a sign outside her restaurant inviting everyone to enjoy "free borsht" in celebration of Stalin's death.

A group portrait of Allied leaders at the Yalta Conference, which was held at the Livadia Palace in Livadiya, Soviet Union (later Ukraine), in February 1945.

From left: British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, US President Franklin D. The conference was called to discuss Europe's postwar reorganization in the years to come.

It certainly was possible for Gorbachev to change his course if he had wanted to do so.

Alternatively, he could have been ousted and his foreign policy reversed by hardliners.

Communism in the Soviet Union The rise of Mikhail Gorbachev as Soviet leader led marked the Cold War period of 1985-1991.

Gorbachev was revolutionary by nature; he was the first to support liberalization of the USSR political landscape referred to as Glasnost and capitalist characteristics into the Soviet Union (Perestroika).This indicates that the Cold War was had nothing to do with the military, nuclear weapons, or economic balance between the West and the East, nor other factors but it was about ideological conflict.The Cold War ideally ended in early 1989, but it is imperative to note that, the Cold War was not necessarily shut down or there was no possibility of resurgence after that date.Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays.The end of the Cold War is characteristically associated with the fall of the Soviet empire in the late 1989 in East Europe.Other scholars associate it with the fall of communism and the disintegration of the Soviet Union and of Communism in 1991.On the contrary, by reviewing literature from various scholars and by looking at important actions of observers and key international actors at the time, the Cold War basically ended during the spring of 1989, even before the above momentous events occurred.This indicates that the Cold War was majorly about conflict of ideologies, and not about the nuclear weapons, military, or even economic equilibrium between the West and the East, Communism as a method of governance, desire for democracy, capitalism, or even domination of Eastern Europe by the Soviet Union.Arguably, the end of the Cold War had nothing to do with these issues since it ended before any of them was really resolved.Indeed, the situation is not out of the woods yet, the Communist Party is still strong in Russia, and has hard line supporters (Mueller 2002).Thesis statement This research paper premises on the thesis statement that, ‘the end of the cold war actually happened in 1989 and was an ideological conflict which was made possible by the appointment of Mikhail Gorbachev’.


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