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It’s important to address dysgraphia, and to prevent it from stealing your child’s motivation, his joy of learning, and his self-esteem.

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Also, as you work to improve your child’s ability to write, continue to reduce the amount of writing that is required to complete his schoolwork.

Allow learning to happen But what do moms who are in the trenches with their struggling learners say about overcoming dysgraphia?

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She writes “beacuse” instead of “because” even though she knows it and if I ask her to spell it she does it correctly. I’m so frustrated because everything I have found is for young kids. It does sound like your daughter has many of the signs and symptoms of dysgraphia.

A therapist I spoke to said that there is nothing to be done because of her age. When dysgraphia occurs without dyslexia, reading is not affected but spelling and writing are.Reversing letters is a common problem until about age 8.We have a blog post on How to Solve Letter Reversals that can help, however.Compensation means helping your child “work around” his handwriting issues so he can still continue to learn. After all, dysgraphia is a serious issue, and surely we don’t want to just “work around” the problem, right?Well, at first we Once the pressure is off and your child is learning in other subject areas without pen and paper, it’s time to work on penmanship skills.And to encourage you during this process, I’d like to share a few success stories from our community. I like that the lessons are at our own pace, and that she can master the material in a way that works best for her! ” “Although we haven’t pursued an official diagnosis, our eight-year-old son has all the characteristics of dysgraphia.The best thing we ever did was back off from writing for a while. He loves his “My son used to feel defeated, but now he has so much more enthusiasm for reading since he doesn’t have to write.A child with dysgraphia has handwriting that is worse than you would normally see in a child of his age, intelligence, and education level. A child with dysgraphia may also appear to be unmotivated or lazy, or what we sometimes refer to as a “reluctant writer.” Because he has trouble expressing his thoughts and ideas in writing, he may avoid writing altogether.Dysgraphia can also make your child avoid seemingly normal situations.“He uses his magnetic letter tiles to build his words now, and he’ll often ask to handwrite the words he has built.The tiles help him tell his Handwriting may seem like a small part of education, but it affects your child’s ability to express ideas.


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