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Finding the sweet spot between effectiveness and efficiency is truly that ultimate goal for all companies.According to Jakob Nielsen, people are most productive if the computer's response to their click takes less than a second.

Yet, they are also commonly misused and misinterpreted, not just in the lexicon of business-speak but also in daily use. By referring to this chart, CEOs and sales leaders can find an optimal balance between effectiveness and efficiency: Companies usually seek to increase and improve the efficiency of their operations and sales processes.

For all intents and purposes, let’s begin by defining efficiency and effectiveness in general terms, borrowing from Effective The difference between effectiveness and efficiency can be summed up shortly, sweetly and succinctly – Being effective is about doing the right things, while being efficient is about doing things right. After all, when working with limited resources, they would prefer to maximize the use of each of these resources, from budget and technology to time and sales reps.

For a practical example, consider the differences between activity effectiveness and activity efficiency among your sales reps.

Every sales team has daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly goals that, when achieved, are representative of the effectiveness of their roles.

Thus HTML and SVG have a mechanism to assign a "class" to an element and define the style for all elements of that class in a single place.

SVG also allows re-use of graphical objects in multiple places: drawing a 12-point star thus only requires a single point, displayed 12 times in different places.

People lose their concentration if a page takes longer than ten seconds to appear.

Of course, computers get more powerful and bandwidth increases continually, at least on average.

Caches help as well, and thus splitting documents in cachable and uncachable parts is a good thing.

E.g., HTML and XLink allow documents to be assembled from parts, some of which may be shared among several documents.


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