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[tags: Papers] - Examine Priestley's use of dramatic techniques to create tension in the play.

Priestly was a socialist writer, and 'An Inspector Calls' is one of the plays in which he tried to display his socialist ideals in.

Interweaving mature interpretations of dramatic tragedy ahead of his time, Shakespeare juggles enduring ideas still existent in today’s society with a variety of dramatic devices including repetition of phrase, elision, soliloquies, equivocation and foreshadowing (WHAT ELSE) To bring further emphasis on his themes of ambition and its influence on perception, the downfall of Macbeth in relation to his morals concerning the theme of fair and foul, and the influence of the...

[tags: Macbeth, Duncan I of Scotland, William Shakespeare] - When Lorca wrote Blood Wedding he carefully thought about the dramatic techniques.

•Lisideius argues that French drama is superior to English drama, based on the lack of literary productivity since Shakespeare’s time: “we have been so long together bad Englishmen, that we had not leisure to be good poets. He respects Lisideius’ argument that the French “contrive their plots more regularly,” but he favors English drama for their more organic and complex qualities.

- In Act One, Scene One when Rita is first introduced, she’s a hairdresser and part of the working class.

Russell introduced Rita as an audacious, ambitious but egoistic character.

She isn’t scared to express her opinion, which generally amuses the audience, such as when she describes her opinion on the painting in Frank’s office she interprets it differently to what majority of the population would.

He does this in more ways than one but I'm going to focus on one point exactly: the point in which he constructs a scenario in which the Japanese prisoner has British cigarettes on him; this has to be one of the most dramatic scenes within the play and it covers all of the soldiers views on the prisoner....

[tags: Papers] - The Effectiveness of the Dramatic Techniques Used in Act One Scene Five in Romeo and Juliet The scene’s overall place in the play is crucially important as this is when the “two star crossed lovers” first meet.


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