Essay Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee

After mowing down the surprised soldiers in their immediate front, the Indians, passed among their herd, men, women, and children, except a number who dropped into the dry bed behind the tepees, where they kept up a hot fire to cover the passage of the pony herd.

Big Foot’s band had been cut off at the crossing of the White River in the attempt to reach the Bad lands and was shortly after captured by Colonel Sumner’s force.

The assurance of a desire to surrender was accepted, but with the usual undependable promises of the Indians, they took up their flight during the night.

They sat down in the open space within their camp and during the talk, details from the cavalry passed among the tepees looking for their arms.

This resultless search proved that the Indians had their rifles with them and they were called upon to give them up as a preliminary to terms of surrender.


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