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When examining these classic fairy tales, there seems to be a theme of gender expectations, placed especially on women.

She does not stand up for herself which also shows that she is allowing herself to fall within these expectations.

An important point to consider is how others view the main character, Bella.

The other women in her town do not find pleasure out of reading at all.

These other women are examples of how society expects them to act, prim, proper, and submissive, but Bell is defiant against these stereotypes in order to create her own happiness.

The turning point in the film is when Bell meets the Beast.

As she falls in love with Beast, she is able to express her true, defiant self with him, even though he too tries to create rules and oppress her in his castle.As he asks Bell to be his wife, he reestablishes the stereotype that women supposed to be educated saying, not right for a woman to He also enforces the idea of being a domestic house wife on Bell saying that he wants her to cook, clean, and take care of their kids when they are to be married.Luckily Bell escapes this trap, and doing so, it shows that she is able to stand up for her own rights and claim her independence as a woman and not be dependent on a man.The readers get an inside look to what others think of her when she reminisces on her childhood.She states, I could toddle, always the pretty one, with my glossy, curls, my rosy cheeks.At first when the Beast tried to keep her away from the West Wing, Bell escapes her room and goes there.This shows that she is not submissive and acts upon her curiosity, a trait that is also looked down upon because women are supposed to obey the man of the house.This also highlights that Bell is willing to take a risk and not listen to what someone else tells her to do.his hands shake as he deals the picture (Carter, 1).and the (2017) live-action remake differentially treat social responsibility, with respect to the various side characters and communities represented, for the toxic masculinity exhibited by its most prominent male characters, Gaston and the Beast.September 19, 2012 English 1010 Gregory Souza Stereotypes in fairy tales The role of fairy tales, as stated the Grimm Brothers is to place a moral code upon society.


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