Essay About Visual Learning Style

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Sure, there are skeptics who claim that “in the real world” you won’t be given an audiobook of your job training manual.

But I believe that helping students recognize their learning styles, and using strategies that address them, will help them later in life.

Using different teaching styles and assessments not only enables students to learn more, it also helps them develop confidence in their abilities rather than just giving up.

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to how you comprehend information.

The mini hook posters they created that day are still hanging on a wall in my classroom so that any time the students need help writing a hook, they can reference them.

I also post resources on Google Classroom so that if a student is working on an essay at midnight and can’t remember something from class, they have access to the materials, even if they lost the papers I gave them.Everyone is different—but for many years, students have been asking questions about their learning style.The concept of learning styles has had a huge impact on education in general.For this reason, I don’t grade first drafts until after they have been peer reviewed (except for timed writings).I grade peer reviews to ensure students are really thinking about each part of the rubric when they assess their peers.The mind map starts with a word or image in the centre and then lines are drawn that branch out from that centre point.Photo essays are simply sequences of photos that tell a story.Photos are a dominant aspect of our image-filled world.Photo essays can include feature text through articles and descriptions, or students can add some captions Another way of helping visual learners is to combine the visual learning style with kinesthetic learning, for example, applying what the student has learnt visually through physical activities and interactions or model building.(Of course, this must be done while simultaneously encouraging students to exercise and strengthen their weaker skills.)At the beginning of the year, my students write an essay in class so that I can assess the gaps in their writing skills.This year, I determined that my students needed to work on the first lines of their essays: the hooks.


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