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I have formed the high aims about my future in their classrooms.Pakistani teachers, known for their ability, noble ideals, and principles, have taught me. The playgrounds are as dear to me as the streets where I jumped and played without any worry.

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India is a democratic country, that is, it is by the people, of the people, for the people. C., Right to Information Act, Food Act (on the anvil) and more and all this fascinates me making me say, I am a happy and proud citizen of India.

We all have the right to express ourselves in building the Nation. P., VII-E, Bal Bharati Public School, GRH Marg, New Delhi I am an Indian India is the largest democracy in the world in the truest meaning of the word “democracy”. In the midst of various languages spoken, castes and customs the country remains united. I would like to quote Nehru, “Our country is a very big country and there is a great deal to be done by all of us.

I love Pakistan from the heart, and I shall always love it.

There is nothing sweeter on earth than my country or thoughts about it.

In any case, I like the people, children and students in my country who belong to other religions.

Thus, a Christian, a Parsi, a Hindu, a Buddhist or the follower of any other religion is dear to me if he is truthful, honest, well-behaved and, above all, is a patriot (lover of the country) a true Pakistani.August 15 is a memorable day in the history of India.It was on August 15, 1947, that India won her independence after a long and bitter struggle.When we have such a beautiful land to live in, then why will not our heart be filled with pride? MEENASHY JOY, VIII B, Excel Public School, Kunnamkulam, Kerala Land of peace I love my country because India is a nation with unity in diversity. Peace especially through spirituality is a basic and unique quality of India.People from other nations are getting attracted towards India to achieve peace of mind. Festivals like Diwali, Holi, do not belong to any one community but is celebrated by all.His speech highlights the achievements of the government during the past year and also pays tribute to freedom fighters.I love my India On August 15 we celebrated our 64th Independence Day.Unity in diversity India is a land of different cultures, heritages, many languages and religions.Despite the differences our India is united in its diversity. College, Mangalore My soul — India This is a land of picturesque beauty, the crown of our pride, the land of diversities, the land of culture and style and it fills me with pride.I like the roads along which walked and ran with other children in all the carelessness and dreaminess of childhood.I have lived with other” Pakistanis, and with them, I have studied and worked.


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