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In conclusion, Kluckholn's explanation which denotes cultures as the "blueprints" of life's activities is quite exceptable.

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The examples all showed that one's own culture is where one feels safest.

Kluckhorn's illustrations of how people react negatively to other cultures seems to prove the axiom that man's biggest fear is of change.

The third example Kluckholn uses displays the biological effect culture can have upon a person.

These individuals who were tricked into eating rattlesnake meat had severe violent reaction when told due to their cultural upbringing.

Kluckhorn is saying that who we are -- our culture -- is based on how the people who have the responsibility of raising us were raised by their role models, who were influenced by their role models, and so on.

To illustrate his point, Kluckhorn gives examples of times when the culture someone was raised in plays a major role in determining how the person will react in a given situation -- often how they will react to an aspect of another culture.

Many experiments have been conducted that show a definite relationship between related persons.

Children often have similar behavior when compared to their parent's behavior as children.

As a whole, this essay shows satisfactory preparation for University writing.

Essay #8 Score 4: In the given passage from Mirror for Man, Clyde Kluckhorn explains the similarities and differences between cultures by first defining the anthropological concept of "culture" and then explaining his definition.


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